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Specialized Skill Work

If you chose to volunteer abroad, you want to do so ethically. Search for programs that require specialized skills, and only participate in trips you're qualified for!

Tedi Beemer, a sophomore at Lafayette College, fell victim to a voluntourist trap when she was younger. As she grew older, she was able to identify the problems with her trip. Through research, she discovered that specialized skills are the key to serving a community and providing a positive impact.


She then traveled to Osh, Kyrgyzstan, where she taught English at a nonprofit. Beemer helps to show that just because you’ve been on a problematic trip, doesn’t mean that you are a voluntourist forever — use that experience to choose a better trip in the future!

Doing the research and using the skills you have can help you #VoluntourNoMore. Part of gathering research involves asking the right questions about yourself and the organization. We've created a checklist that does just that - check it out HERE or click the button below.

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