Voluntour Stories

Voluntourism combines volunteering with tourism activities. Volunteer.org defines voluntourism as “the conscious, seamlessly integrated combination of voluntary service to a destination and the best, traditional elements of travel - arts, culture, geography, history and recreation - in that destination." 
Some characteristics of voluntourism include: short-term, no experience required, participation fees, a company-run program, and a focus on the voluntourist’s experience.
Essentially, voluntourism has volunteers do work that provide little to no help for communities.
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People want to feel good about volunteering; this voluntourism company created a trip to do just that.


Explore China.png

Marketed as volunteer work, the organization falsely labels its tourism excursion.

Explore China 

Orphanage Problem.png

Volunteers are unaware of the host of problems they cause by spending time in orphanages overseas.

Orphan Tourism

Unethical Medical Experience.png

Organizations send unlicensed and unskilled volunteers to perform medical procedures on patients overseas. 

Medical Trips