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Projects for Haiti Global

P4H Global is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is committed to "putting the development needs fo the Haitian people above the self-gratifying desire to help."

The organization was started by two University of Florida alumnus: Priscilla Zelaya, Ph.D. and Bertrhude Albert, Ph.D. They have been taking UF students to Haiti for nearly a decade. On their first trip, they learned that good intentions and handouts do not equal help. Realizing their mistakes, they used research to inform their future trips and efforts.

Now, they coordinate "impact trips" held every Spring Break and Summer that focus on sustainable development and methods of effective aid. Volunteers partner with local communities to provide education and empower Haitians to take care of themselves.


P4H Global is an example of an organization that equips volunteers to serve responsibly and build mutually beneficial relationships with those they serve.

Above: University of Florida student, Jess Otero, has gone on five trips with P4H Global and can attest to the effectiveness of them. Each trip is different based on the skills of the team members, but the focus is the same: sustainable development. Caleb Chambliss has also volunteered with P4H and agrees with Otero. He explains that these trips are not about "sightseeing," but actually helping the Haitian people.

Left: Chambliss recently shared his experiences with P4H Global in a Ted Talk. 
In his speech, he emphasizes the need for ethical programs to impact developing communities. Specifically, he calls for more representation on volunteer abroad trips. 
Through ethical programs like P4H Global, change is possible.
Volunteer tourism blurs the line between volunteering and exploiting the communities individuals visit.  Continue reading to make sure you don't find yourself on a voluntourism trip.
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